Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuck Like Glue

I have been blessed with the best big sister anyone could ask for.  Kim and I have been best friends our whole lives.  We complete each other.  Or compete with each other?  I forget.  My dad has always said "friends will come and go, but you are stuck with your family".  We are inseparable, and I would not want it any other way.

Kim loves Madeline with all her heart.  Kim is terrified of needles with all her heart.  So when I asked if she would babysit  Madeline two days a week,  I could see the terror in her eyes. "You want me to give shots?!".  I really don't know what kind of response I expected from a woman that has to hold her kids hands when she gets a flu shot.  Here's me: "Kim, I'm desperate.  I am ready to lose my mind if I don't get some help".  Here's Kim; "You want me to give shots?!".  I shouldn't have, it was wrong, but I did.  I threw in the Puss in Boots eyes.
She agreed (really, how could you not looking at those peepers?).

After a month of sweating, shaking hands and "man, I hate needles", she did her first solo run and gave Madeline an insulin shot.  I was thrilled!  Kim was completely freaked out. We were both relieved.  She was now a full fledged diabetic caregiver.

Not only do I have a great best friend, I now have a buddy who completely gets the whole WTF with diabetes.  She sees the crazy blood sugar fluctuations for no good reason.  She understands why I have to test Madeline so many times a day.  She totally understands how hard it is to care for a diabetic toddler.

Madeline loves her Aunt Kimmy very much.  Aunt Kimmy loves Madeline so much she conquered her fear of needles to care for her.    

Friends will come and go, but you are stuck with your family.

Thanks Dad. 



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