Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diabetes Dance

We have officially made it past the 6 month mark with Madeline's diabetes.  No confetti, no balloons or horns, just a sigh of relief.

6 months ago if someone had told me "after 6 months you'll be pretty good at managing diabetes", I may have just laughed in their face (you know, that crazy, psychotic scary kind).  But here we are chugging right along.  We have the good days (yahooo, look at those great blood sugar numbers!) and the not so good days (WTF did I do wrong to give you that number?!).

Diabetes keeps me on my toes so much I should invest in ballet shoes.  Seriously.  I believe I now qualify for the lead role in The Nutcracker or Swan Lake.  Ok, so maybe I do not posses the grace needed for that, but I could show Fred Flintstone a thing or two at the bowling alley!  My toes are superior.

I hope to pass this great toe talent on to Madeline when she is older.  She will have to put on that tutu and pirouette to the diabetes dance day in, and day out, for the rest of her life.  But for now, I just want her to sit back, relax and let me put on the show.

Madeline has learned the very first, and most important, step to this new dance. 

She can now say: "I have diabetes".

Well done my little ballerina.


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