Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sign From Above

Have you ever had an event that you thought "wow, that has to be a sign from above, just for me"?  I have had a few in my life, but never quite as remarkable as the one I experienced on June 23, 2012.

Madeline's one year diabetes blog was written with hopes for a cure to diabetes.  I referenced diabetes as a balloon and the day there is a cure, letting that balloon float up into the air.  How could I have known within just a couple days of writing that blog, I would see my sign, literally, from above.

I was in the home stretch of my early morning run, when I could see in the distance, a hot air balloon slowly coming down from the sky.  I was pretty excited to see it was very close to my subdivision, so I ran just a little harder to see where this balloon was going.
As I raced my way home, I could not believe how close this balloon was to my house.  Every step had me thinking to myself "wow, that's at this neighbors house, no wait, that neighbors house".  Once I came to the entrance of my subdivision, there it was, right there, in my front yard.  I could see Rick and the girls sitting on the front porch watching the balloon team as they worked their magic to get the balloon up off the ground.  I was speechless (that really does not happen too often, ask Rick).
I do believe this had to be a sign, just for me.  Of all the places this one balloon could land, they chose our yard.  Rick would say this is due to his impeccable lawn care, and the soft landing they would enjoy, but I believe there was a greater meaning.  Of all the things that had to come together for that balloon to land in my yard, at that particular moment in time, it had to be fate. 

That one hot air balloon gave me the added strength to continue the fight against diabetes.  It let me know there will be a cure, and I will get to set the diabetes balloon free. 

There were no words ever spoken, but sometimes, silence is the only answer you need. 


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