Thursday, September 27, 2012


I've tightened my control of all things diabetes.  No more unnecessary snacks.  Super strict carb counting.  Even more blood sugar tests.  Madeline's A1C test is in 3 weeks (this is where I run around in circles waving my hands in the air all crazy like).  Even with all my extra hard work, I'm still playing tug-of-war with diabetes.  Diabetes plays really rough.  

We have been playing this game for 3 months since her last A1C test.

Some days I really get my feet good and stuck in the ground and give that rope a good hard pull.  Other days, I can feel the burn of the rope as it's being pulled out of my slipping hands.  I absolutely refuse to let go.  I want the win baby.  I want a great A1C number.

After one serious hard core tug-of-war game, I decided to hit the shower.  Madeline in the meantime, went to the fridge, grabbed herself a nice chocolaty 16 carb pudding cup, and proceeded to eat the whole thing.  She threw the empty pudding cup in the garbage, placed her spoon in the sink and even wiped her hands and mouth.  Such good manners.  She proudly skipped up to the shower door and let me know, that for the first time ever, she took care of snack time by herself.

Not only did I lose all control of my rope, I was pulled face down in the dirt for about a mile, listening to diabetes evil laugh.  And I was naked.

With some serious explaining to Madeline that I love that she is such a big girl, but please, please, puh-leeeease, do not handle snack time alone, I have regained my grip on the rope.

And if for some reason, Madeline my love, you decide to do a chocolaty carb over-load again, make sure mommy has clothes on.

Appreciate it.


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