Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

The impossible has been accomplished.  Madeline is fully potty trained!  She is 3.5 years old.  Now if you're one of those parents that say "tsk, tsk  tsk, my child was fully potty trained by the time he was conceived.",  bend over and prepare to meet my foot.

Sophia was completely potty trained, day and night, before she was 2 years old.  Even our family doctor was impressed that she had such great success with potty training.  I really didn't understand  the excitement.  It was sooo easy.   I just started putting her on the potty at 1.5 years old, and viola, potty trained.  I didn't have to deal with another dirty diaper until Madeline came along.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

When I decided to potty train Madeline, I used the same approach as I did Sophia.  Put her on the potty at 1.5 years old, and.........and........and........nothing.  Whaaaaat?  How can this be?  Where is the happy, giggly little kid that loves to read books while she sits on her throne?   Oh no, I had the kid that threw daggers with her eyes if I even suggested using the potty.  Time for a new approach.

I purchased a Dora the Explorer potty seat, fun picture books and a massive bag of M&M's.  This plan was foolproof.  Just having the bag of M&M's in the house created chaos.  Sophia, who had been potty trained for 2 years, was willing to do anything for those yummy, chocolate covered beauties.  Madeline tried her best to resist, but the M&M pull was too strong, and she finally agreed to use the potty.  I could see progress, and was more than happy to shell out candy as a bribe.  Not as easy peasy, with a hint of  lemon squeezy.

Then came diabetes.

A newly potty training 2 year old, with diabetes, is a very bad combination.  Add a sleep deprived, highly over caffeinated mom, and then it just turns into crazy town.  My plate was so full, potty training was pushed to page "whenever" of my to do list.  I truly did not care if she went to college in diapers.  No easy, and the lemon just got squeezed in my eyes.

One year later, before Madeline's 3rd birthday, I decided I was ready to take on the challenge of potty training again.  I now faced a new dilemma.  I could no longer use M&M's as my potty bribe.  Madeline had become very comfortable in diapers, and really had no desire to use the potty.  Sticker charts, trinkets and toys were my only source of bribes.  Oh how I missed those M&M's.  Freaking diabetes.

Madeline held out as long as she could, but when Aunt Kimmy promised a great big chocolate cake and a poop party, she caved, and is now wearing her beloved princess underwear.  Squeezy peasy easy lemon.

A 1.5 unit of  insulin shot for a huge 30 carb piece of cake was well deserved.  Not just for being a big girl using the potty, but for being a big girl living with diabetes.

Diabetes can go suck a lemon.

Now, where do I find poop party decorations?




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