Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking The Good With The Bad

The Good:  Madeline wears a Revel Medtronic insulin pump that does an incredible job!

The Bad:  Due to insurance changes, Madeline will be losing her current pump.

The Good:  Medtronic told me to give them a call with updated insurance information and they will make sure she quickly transitions to her new pump with no down time!

The Bad:  My new insurance company is so completely unorganized with all the health care changes, I may never see my new insurance cards.  Or my initial premium payment.  Three words: WTF.

The Good:  My snipped gray hair has not grown back!

The Bad:  I'm pretty sure I have found a new gray hair (see "insurance" above).

The Good:  I have officially signed Madeline up for kindergarten in the fall!

The Bad:  Suffering Succotash!  Madeline will be in school and our whole diabetes management routine will be completely changed.  I don't do well with drastic diabetes changes (see "gray hair" above).

The Good:  Madeline is able to do her own blood sugar tests now!

The Bad:  Some days Madeline has trouble with getting enough blood on the test strip and we end up throwing out quite a few strips.  I try to keep my twitching eye under control when she says "oops, guess I just need to do it again!".  Twitch.

The Good:  Rick was able to get away on a crazy relaxing weekend snowmobile trip with the guys!

The Bad:  Since I was not on this trip to keep an eye on the diabetes care,  I made him let all parties involved know that he was a Type 1 diabetic.  Safety first.  And to pack some Elmo or Big Bird juice boxes.  He could pick which he preferred.

The Good:  My girlfriend is picking me up for a crazy relaxing girls night out this weekend!

The Bad:  When I get home, hopefully past my bedtime, I will be going straight to bed.  And setting my alarm for Madeline's 3 night time blood sugar checks.


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