Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hairy Situation

A few weeks ago I laughed at my girlfriend.  My bad.  She told me she was noticing how much hair she was losing after washing it.  It seemed to be quite a bit, and was worried why this was happening.  I, of course, laughed and made the smart ass comment that it could be a sign of early menopause.  She was not amused.

I am pretty positive I have been cursed due to my lack of sympathy.  I too, have started watching my hair pile up in that little catcher at the bottom of the shower stall.  Unlike my friend, I do know the reason for my thinning locks.  Stress.  

Madeline and Rick have to go to the doctor every 3 months for a diabetes checkup.  Forever.  These checkups are necessary for the doctor to keep track of how well their diabetes is being controlled, and if any changes need to be made.  They get a blood test called an A1C.  It gives a little snapshot to the last 3 months of blood information in a percentage.  They want Madeline's percentage (due to her age) to be around 8 or 9, no higher (Rick is around 6 or 7).  Her first 3 month A1C (after diagnosis) was 9.5%.  Understandable.  Her latest A1C was 10.1%.  WTF?!  I followed her diabetes care by the book and that is the number she gets?   Continued high percentages could likely lead to health problems in the future.  Thus, I'm quite sure, the hair loss.

The doctor assured me this was not for my lack of taking good care of my child, it was just the cruel reality of diabetes.  We were going to need to get more aggressive with how we do Madeline's insulin to get her numbers back in range.  No more Mr. Nice Guy. Cue the stress.

When you mess with diabetes, it always seems to mess you up back, only worse.  I'm ready.  So far our more aggressive approach  has managed to keep  Madeline's blood sugar numbers in a very good range.  My blood pressure, not so much.  And sleeping?  Overrated.  I find the dark under eye bags make my blue eyes more vibrant.

Bad hair piece to cover bald spot: $20.00
Makeup to cover eye bags: $3.00
Coffee, coffee, coffee:  $8.00
Happy, healthy, clueless kids:  priceless





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