Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wild Ride

Ahhhhhhh, the Wisconsin Dells.  What's not to love about water parks and hotels combined?  Throngs of people, baby strollers, and pure chaos everywhere.  Fun stuff.

My kids love water parks.  As long as the water is no higher than their big toe, 90 degree temp, no splashing, dumping, or spraying of water on the face or body, they love it.  That is why we brought Amanda along on our little family getaway to the Dells. We needed someone we could actually have some water fun with.

Amanda and I took Madeline down the family tube ride, in complete darkness, going about 100 miles an hour, with only my legs keeping her from bouncing out of the tube.  Due to extreme excitement, her blood glucose numbers shot up to 300.  Stop the bus.  Back to the kiddie area for some quiet time, something to drink, and another number check.  Sophia, having never left the toe deep water, was more than happy for Madeline's company.

Since it appeared the little kids could not handle the "fun" family rides,  Rick and I took turns going down the big, must be taller than 48", water slides with Amanda.  She insisted we needed to go on the best ride of all:  The Hurricane.  It's not fun until Rick screams a four letter word on a family friendly water park ride.  I should have known if Rick was scared, it was probably not the ride for me.  Like a trooper though, I took my turn.

Screaming, eyes closed tight, and holding on for dear life, I survived The Hurricane.  It took a few minutes for my hands to stop shaking, but I made it.  Once was good enough for me.  I thought maybe it was time to head over to the toe deep water for a bit.

Our trip home after 2 days in the water park was pretty quiet.  Too quiet.  Madeline was sleeping and it was just about lunch time.  Amanda checked her blood glucose, 62.  I felt that little panic inside and shook Madeline to wake her so she could drink some juice.  Nothing.  Uh-oh.  Shake, shake, shake.  "Wake up Madeline!".  Nothing.  "Madeline!".  Still nothing.  Now in a much louder voice,  "TIME TO WAKE UP!!".  And there it was, a little smile at the corner of her mouth.  " ha ha mama!  I was just being silly".

Madeline being "silly" was like riding The Hurricane upside down, no hands, and eyes taped wide open the whole way down.  I managed a little laugh and said "yep, you're a silly girl".  I wonder when my hands will stop shaking?   


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