Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who's The Superstar

Let's face it, Paula Deen can cook.  I don't think there has been one meal she has made that I would not eat, or at least, try.  I hate cooking, but Paula made me feel as though it was such a fun, easy process, that even I could do it.

When Paula announced she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I thought "wow, this could be a huge benefit to the diabetes community".  To have such a loved celebrity, that all ages, men and women alike, enjoy watching, could open a lot of eyes to a diabetic life.  Sadly, it has turned into a money making deal for Paula, and her medication company, that does not benefit the diabetes community.  What a big disappointment. 

The fact that Paula didn't come out with her diagnosis until she had a deal with a drug company in place, was in poor taste.  I would much rather have heard her declaring her war on diabetes and how she was going to help others understand and support those diagnosed.

Diabetes is very confusing.  The media is clueless, but are more than happy to make the world even more confused.  They take pictures of Paula eating a huge sloppy hamburger, and everyone goes nuts.  "She can't eat that!".  Had Paula taken the time to actually talk about diabetes, people would understand, yes, you can eat that burger.  Eating in moderation, taking your medication, and a good exercise program, allow you some food freedom. 

Mary Tyler Moore, Nick Jonas, and Bret Michaels are all Type 1 diabetics.  They are all dependent on insulin.  They are also huge inspirations to the diabetic community.  They use their star power to get involved, create awareness, raise money, and help others.  They truly want a cure. They get it. They are heroes.

Paula should spend a day with Madeline.  Maybe watching a toddler getting poked and jabbed continually throughout the day, would help her see what is most important.  Being a drug spokeswoman for monetary compensation may help Paula, but does nothing to help the fight against diabetes.

Rick and I are just normal, working parents, but we manage to make time to raise money, and awareness, for diabetes.  We want a cure.  The only compensation Madeline receives for her diabetic burden are hugs and kisses.  Lot's of hugs and kisses.  Now that's a superstar.

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