Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Things I Ponder

1. Why does Madeline scream and cry when I comb her hair, but tell me it tickles when I give her a shot?

2. Will I ever be able to say endocrinologist doctor correctly?

3. Is it appropriate to say "hear comes the prick" when giving shots?

4. Why do I love Edward from the Twilight series so much?  Is it because we both care about blood?

5. Why don't I have time to finish wrapping Christmas presents, but have time to write on this blog?

6. Why do I laugh when Rick hurts himself, but panic if it's one of the kids?

7.  Will I have permanent shoulder damage from carrying a massive purse with all Madeline's diabetic supplies?   

8. Is it weird my kids run around and pretend to give people shots with clipped needles? (sorry to those of you that thought they were using real needles)

9. Do I seem like a mean mom when I say "if you eat that treat you will be shot" (with insulin of course).

10. Why does our freaking Elf on the Shelf always seem to be looking at me more than my kids?

Yep, lots to ponder..............

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