Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why So Testy

Testing blood glucose is a life saving step in a diabetics life, especially children.  Yes, it's important to test before meals so you know how to dose insulin, but what a lot of people don't know, is testing can go on all day.  Diabetes never takes a break.  Blood glucose changes constantly and you need to know what the body is doing at all times.  High blood glucose numbers are frustrating and just not good.  Low blood glucose numbers are serious, and can be life threating if not treated immediately.  Madeline is 2.  She doesn't say "wow, I feel like I'm running a little low" or "you know, I think my numbers are high", so test, test test.

Finger pricks hurt.  I tested myself....once.  I'm a real wimp compared to Madeline.

The good thing is Madeline doesn't seem to mind too much.  I make sure to test quickly and let her be on her way.  She has even stopped mid-snack because she couldn't remember if she had been tested.      

Someday, when Madeline can truly understand, I can't wait to tell her what an amazing little girl she is.   


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